Here is an encouraging word for 2020: “Those who trust in the Lord will prosper.” (Proverbs 28:25)  I believe this because I am living proof that God cares about smallest details of life. 

The 2020 VISION: “Those who trust in the LORD will prosper.”  YOU are one of  those. DO NOT fall for the notion that God is too busy minding the Universe to concern himself with your tiny life. God is the Universe and you are one of the important details. I am anticipating more amazing stories to share this time next year and will be eager to hear your marvelous stories, too.

The 2020 VISION is more great shows around the world. The Gospel Music and Elvis Presley show is available now. Please consider promoting this concert event to your fan club or Elvis event. I am asking for promoters, fan club presidents, event planners, and even some churches to contact me about this show. Facebook, WhatsApp, email, website, and my office number 00-1-615-873-0482. Let’s talk about dates and times. Together we can Entertain and Inspire.