JULY 2019 - A NEW SHOW?!

What will it be?! 

Rumors of a new show for Royce Taylor have been circulating since the start of 2019. With his many Vogues shows in the “Oldies Rock’n’Roll and Doo Wop circuit, one might wonder if this new show will highlight this influential music. He is known to appear at many Elvis events and sing songs of this legendary artist. He never strays too far from his Gospel Music roots carrying on the tradition of famous Gospel Quartets as The Stamps, Blackwoods, Imperials. He still appears with Renewal Trio and shares his own Gospel program at churches around the United States. What could this new show be? For the most part, this question will remain unanswered until the premiere of this new show in mid September at the UK Elvis Festival in Great Yarmouth, England. David Wade and Carol Pugh of Strictly Elvis have invited Royce to share this special show as part of the annual festival. What will this show contain? You may be sure, all of the influences that have shaped Royce Taylor musically will be embedded in this new show. It is certain to please a wide array of audiences and tastes. 

But you will just have to wait a little longer to see for yourself...