Still in Germany…

Scheeberg, another historic place in Saxony. At St. Wolfgang’s kirche I stood in the massive cathedral with perfect acoustics and sang, “Sweet, Sweet Spirit.” This city was bombed by allied forces near the end of WW2 because the region was known for mining operations and mineral deposits that were considered vital to the Nazi war effort. Like Frauenkirche in Dresden, St. Wolfgang was rebuilt following the war to bring again the beauty and spirit of this early example of Lutheran church life and influence. 


A train ride to A return to Dresden and a cruise on the Elbe River to a region near the Czechia border called, “Saxony Switzerland.” This mountain area is famous for huge monolithic rock formations along the Elbe. Here, the ancient kings built fortress and battlements to protect the trade that passed down this major river route. I look forward to another visit and experience again the wonders of this national treasure. I truly did not want this time to end.