June 2020 - In The Beginning…

It is a wonderful thing to have friends in your life that you can trace back to childhood or High School memories? I have several such friends. David Musselman and I met in spring of 1967 and God brought us together. At our church, our friend Paul Shisler pulled the 3 of us together to sing for special music one night.

Our trio ground to a halt a few weeks later when David was critically injured in an auto collision. Suffering a fractured neck, broken jaw, broken pelvis, and brain concussion, David’s doctors speculated his survival. If he did, the neck injury could leave him unable to walk. He was placed in traction to stabilize his neck, his jaw was wired shut, he was in a lower body cast to knit the pelvic bones in place, and his left eye was not focusing from the head trauma. Existing on a liquid diet, David lost considerable weight in a very short time.

BUT GOD … This is a story of divine intervention. A mighty God did indeed touch David’s body and by the end of summer, he was released from the hospital, walking on crutches, his jaw had healed enough to return to solid food, and his vision slowly returned. By late August, we gathered our guitars to sing again. This miracle recovery fueled the beginning of our Gospel Music Ministry. I am still sharing the music and the miracles now 53 years later. And David is happy and healthy living in south Florida.