May 2023 - Worth Visiting Again - STOP ...

In May of 2020, as the “pandemic” was in full panic-demic mode, the “experts” were projecting the worst and assuring us the world would be forever changed. In many ways that is exactly what happened, but there were still enough intelligent people on the planet to smell a rat and not roses. 

You may recall some pundits predicting this would go on for at least 5 years, which looked like an eternity. Well, here we are 3 years later and our “masters in charge” have declared the pandemic is over.

This first Message In a Bottle video dared to take a look into the future and declare there was a remedy that was thousands of years old. It made the case as a direct protocol, not with chemicals, not with herbs, or physician, but the promise of divine protection to any who will seek it out.

Click on this link and enjoy. this Message in a Bottle worth visiting again.