To all the World!

From the beginning as a teenager with the Gospel Chords to now, singing tenor with the Elvis’ Imperials, Elvis’ back up quartet, and Rock 'n Roll with the popular group, the VOGUES who’s hit song charted #2 behind the Beatles on the Billboard Music Charts. Lynn ROYCE Taylor is on an amazing journey. He’s sung tenor with the Stamps Quartet, the Blackwoods, the Toney Brothers, and shared the stage with the best known names in gospel and popular music.

He’s performed on the stage of Radio City Music Hall in New York; historic cathedrals in Wales and England; in Denver with the Colorado Symphony; and the Bill Gaither Homecoming event called "Tent Revival" held at the Billy Graham Library. Upcoming tours will once again take him across the USA, Canada, Europe, and the U.K.

As a solo performer, Royce shares his own very entertaining and personal performance. You may be surprised with the variety of music styles in his program. Mix that with stories of his life, a humorous viewpoint, and a biblical perspective and you'll have a program that you'll talk about long after.

Royce says, "“I've spent many years in Christian Music and ministry sharing the platform with the finest singers, musicians, performers, and friends. I've been blessed to sing from sea to shining sea, across the sea, and on land and sea. I've sung to the 1000’s and the 10’s all in the same week. However, ask him why he continues to do this and he'll say; "I sing because God told me to, I preach because He called me to.”


Crossing Paths TV interview

I invite you to take 30 minutes and watch this terrific TV interview. My friends Don Reed, Gene Blakeman, and Ernie DePasquale of Crossing Paths Television gave me opportunity to tell my story and share what this work is all about.

Write to Crossing Paths and tell them how much you enjoyed and appreciated this program.  
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