to all in the world!

From Paris France to Paris Texas, Manchester England to Manchester Tennessee, Vienna Austria to Vienna Ohio … Royce Taylor is enjoying an “Extraordinary / Ordinary LIfe.” 

Touring the United States and the European continent either as a solo performer or tenor singer for the “The Vogues,”  Royce has found the balance between singing popular Rock ’n Roll and continuing his Christian Music ministry. This is affirmed when a Pastor say’s “Five O’clock World” was a favorite song or when someone from an Oldies Show tells him that the Gospel Music he’s shared has touched and spoken into their life. 

As tenor for the Vogues, Royce regularly performs with stars like, Frankie Avalon, Bill Medley,  the Beach Boys, Gary Puckett, and other classic rock ’n roll heroes. You can also see him hanging out with Gospel Music legends at a Bill Gaither Homecoming. Maybe a show at Wembly Arena in London England singing the songs of Elvis Presley or singing at a church sharing the Gospel Music that pilots his life, Royce is comfortable and accessible to all. 

Royce is an ordinary man who’s life is filled with extraordinary opportunities. Come to a show and witness for yourself this skilled entertainer with a dynamic voice and charismatic personality that seeks to leave something of value behind each concert.  For Royce Taylor, the mandate is the entertain and inspire.