May 2021 Age is inevitable, acting my age is optional

The weekend of May 1, 2021, my good friends the GloryWay Quartet invited me to travel with them. Beginning right in my home town of Nashville, they began wa whirlwind 4 days containing the equivalent of 9 performances. The tour spent a 3 night 4 service "Revival" with John Cole delvering the messages.

While parked at the church in Albany, KY. we all decided to have a little recreation on the church playground. Oh what fun ... 

Later that night, we gathered in the sanctuary after the service and just had a little jam session together. The guys asked me to sing a song that has become a fan favorite, so enjoy this casual rendition of Walk With Me. 

It was a marvelous and blessed weekend. Many were blessed, and lives were lifted. I am pleased to have been part of the GloryWay Quartet history. I am very proud of these friends and powerful presence in Southern Gospel music today.