Merry Christmas 2021

December - Christmas 2021 

Putting the Pieces Together 

God is GOOD, all the time. This little phrase has been echoed across Christian churches and gatherings for many years now. I have been known to add a companion thought, “God IS Love, not God HAS Love. This may sound simplistic but truly can be a lost understanding among some who have been believers most of their lives. 

I’ve been prompted by the Holy Spirit in recent weeks to meditate on and share this. God IS Love and God IS Good, therefore HE simply can not be anything else. It can be so easy to blame God for tragedy, illness, death, destruction, etc, but before we run shaking our fist in God’s face asking why, let’s remind ourselves that the Bible says, God has come to give life. Also, it is the enemy of God and His children, that comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  God /Jesus has come that we might have life to the full. 

Looking back across these past 2 years, (which quite frankly is a hard concept) the constant barrage of fear, doubt, lies, misinformation, contradictions, even assumptions, have left so many just spinning in a pool of questions. Who can we trust?  That answer is GOD and His Word. This is truly the greatest gift ever given to mankind. Jesus the Word made flesh to live with us. 

Psalms 32:8 - I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye. 

Looking ahead to 2022 

The start of 2021was filled with promise and finally in mid summer those promises began to happen when the Vogues began the 25 show schedule of the Happy Together Tour. The doors opened following and I found myself working and singing regularly these past months. 

The singing has been a combination of Vogues, solo appearances, Renewal Trio, and occasionally filling a spot with GloryWay Quartet. 

The coming year has some wonderful opportunities ahead. The Happy Together Tour has invited the Vogues back for a full summer tour, June through August. Paradise Artists has signed the Vogues to a booking contract giving us greater access to more dates and concert promotions across the country. 

The Elvis World in Europe is awakening and new invitations are coming to sing and share concerts once again. As I have said repeatedly, the time I have spent in Europe and the multitude of friends I have made is priceless. I am so excited to return and share music and inspiration. 

Donnie and Linda Abraham, Renewal Trio has been together sharing music for nearly 12 years. Donnie has a fire in his soul to share the Gospel in music that its’ message will challenge and change lives. I am so thankful for this focus and knowing that my Vogues schedule will be a constant question mark and often road block, I have chosen to step aside to not hinder this ministry. 

Beginning now, in addition to the Vogues and the Elvis shows, I will be singing as a soloist and looking forward to sharing my expanded music list. There is a new project in motion. The working title which may not be the final title is: “Corona Melodies.” As this project takes shape, I will tell more details. I must admit, it is having an impact on my own singing. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Hey! Maybe that is a better title. 

So, as we approach both Christmas and the New Year, let’s truly do so with the understanding that God’s Word will work in our lives. God can change the World but He will do it through His people acting on His promises. It begins with the world around you, you’re home, family, friends, encouters. Like the ripple of water, the effect of the Word in you can multiply. Together, we can share the GOOD NEWS. God IS Love, God IS Good. He is the light in darkness. He is the  Savior, Christ (the Messiah) the Lord.