November 2020 - Amish Country, hold your horses!

Southwest of Akron/Canton Ohio is one of America's thriving Amish communities. Spreading across most of Holmes County, you'll find this lovely spot, a great place to visit, vacation, and genuinely, slow down and relax. Enjoy great food, wonderful gift shops, antiques, crafts, and ... wait for it ... entertainment? 

Now, Amish and Entertainment may sound like a oxymoron but let me explain. Near Millersburg, Ohio is the Amish Country Theater (use this link for more information) an entertainment complex devoted to top notch Comedy, Variety, and Music. You’ll laugh with comedian a country bumpkin as unpredictable as Ohio weather. Featured is nationally acclaimed Ventriloquist Ken Groves and amazing juggler, Niels Duinker, 8-time Guinness World Record holder. This guy is truly amazing.

Renewal Trio's own Donnie Abraham is the featured singer at the Amish Country Theater and on November 11, Donnie secured the theater for a special midweek joint Gospel Concert with our dear friends, GloryWay Quartet.  We had a great time and a full house (as full as law would allow). 

More concerts like this are in the works for the coming year so stay tuned.  Amish Country will never be the same.