WINTER WONDER WHAT? January - March 2021

No, I am not lost. I am not missing in action. I am not out of the business. Like so many in the entertainment world or even Gospel music ministry, things have been very slow to return. Thankfully, churches are opening again and Gospel concerts are welcome after so many month of absence. 

The Vogues had one wonderful concert in Florida in early February. The city of Clermont, near Orlando, opened the doors for 2 shows a matinee and evening concert featuring the Vogues and Gary Puckett and the Union Gap. Of course, there was seating accommodations to comply but both shows were "sold out" to the capacity that was permitted.

It was good to sing together again, the first show in nearly one year. We are now waiting word on the potential that some of the proposed Happy Together Tour 2021 may indeed take place. It is rumored that possibly 16 - 18 shows may schedule. Certainly not the anticipated 54 - 60 we were hoping for, but we will certainly enjoy what comes our way. Hopefully, this will be one that you are happy to attend.

Wishing you many blessings as we exit winter and embark on the spring season and work our way to summer. I am already looking forward to getting the convertible out and enjoying the drive.