After the successful premier of the new Gospel Music and Elvis Presley show, I met with  gentleman from the Netherlands to discuss the show. Freddy and Nandina Cadel had been coming to shows all across Europe. It was not unusual to see them in Vienna, Barcelona, Great Yarmouth, or even in Ljubljana, Slovenia. One evening, I found a video clip of Freddy singing. I was shocked! He never once mentioned to me that he did singing. So after this show in the UK, I suggested that we might work together and create some shows in Holland. 

We began to make a plan to meet and introduce his band mates to my set list. Then we would meet in November and test the waters. Recently, this came true. I flew into Düsseldorf, Germany and drove with friends to the northern region of the Netherlands. The 2 day session went so well, we chose to video tape portions and create a demonstration trailer to share with promoters, Elvis Fan Clubs, and other events. 

In a few days, I will post a clip or even a link to see the highlights of this introductory rehearsal. We have dubbed the show, “Elvis; It Never Ends.” For now, here are a few wonderful photos from the time. Also, there is a plan for the very first show in Veendam, Netherlands on 9 May, 2020. 

I wish to thank Freddy and Nandina Cadel for their hospitality and especially for all the hard work and planning that went before this wonderful meeting. I can assure you all, this has the all the elements for a very good show. Once again, I have great hope to entertain and inspire.